No chance I will be addicted to Vicodin

Or that I will ever take that crap again!!!

First, I don’t think it made any kind of difference on my sleep.


Granted, I am a superb sleeper, that is one of my biggest talents, if I can say so myself. Everyone said the stooopid pill will swoosh the pain away and it would put me down. It took me the same amount of time to fall asleep as usual, I still had the same pain, and I had the same exact night I had the night before! I didn’t sleep more or better. I want my money back!

Second, as soon as I got up, my stomach was a little icky. Then I felt a bit nauseous. I figured I’d drink some water before I had breakfast. Two seconds later all the water was coming back up. YUK.
Now I am bit scared to eat. ME!!! Scared to eat!!!! What’s the world come down to???!!! It’s fine if it doesn’t help me sleep, but messing up with my stomach is just NOT-OK!

Things I learned/heard/remembered in the last two days:
– A lot of people have fallen off treadmills, apparently it is not so uncommon. I feel less stoopid.
– On the other hand, my friend D said I should make up a better story, this one is pretty lame. True.
– My friend B said a “friend of his” ran NYCM on vicodin… he was not a runner and finished the race without feeling a thing. Mmmmm. But, after last night, I know there’s NO way that would work!!
– My other friend D and I have a crazy habit of creating acronyms for everything. He suggested I have:
AMRS = Absent-Minded Runner Syndrome
TAMRS = Terribly Absent-Minded Runner Syndrome
EAMRS (Extremely), UAMRS (Unbelievably), MAMRS (Mind-Bogglingly), etc…. you get the idea…
– Treadmills are DANGEROUS. When you use it constantly, just like your car, you don’t realize how bad you could end up, just because it’s an everyday thing. Take it from me. Please.
– When something is going wrong in your life, you might tend to worry/obsess about it, and disregard all the other little things you are doing. That’s when more crap will happen. I know this. It has happened before. I knew more crap was on the way. And I still fell for it (literally). Keep your mind focused on the present. Always. One little tiny careless movement and… that’s all it takes.
– And as runners, we are overbooked, exhausted, and/or in a hurry to get our run done sometimes. I’ve run so tired, I closed my eyes. I’ve run with tunnel vision. I’ve run with less fuel that I need. You know what I am talking about; we have ALL done it. Be careful. This fall was a big reminder for me.


Cupcakes have been consumed. Pain is still there, basically the same thing as yesterday. Arm is still not moving on its own, but I am getting the hang of it. You should see my hair though… it’s a bird’s nest. Or a whole flock of bird’s nests!

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