This is how NYC Loopsters celebrate/fuel!!!

If you read S (an accidental runner)’s blog, you knew this was coming…
Tonight I get to have round two of celebratory drinks with two of our very own amazing runners!! Cheap beer in a can (HOORAY PBR!), lots of good energy and a bag (or two) of my homemade cookies to send a very amazing runner off on her 50k journey this weekend and congratulate a Beantown running machine! 
I picked her up at work and she run towards me. She RUN!!! Two seconds later she was showing off her going-down-the-stairs and squatting skills. She was all recovered and ready, and still tanned from Jamaica: HOTNESS. You know how good the week after a marathon feels: it’s an amazing constant high, and she’s usually very happy as it is… I am sure everyone in the tristate area heard us say hello!
We proceeded to the Fat Black P*ssy Cat, though we had told G (run_nyc74) to meet us at Fat Cat, just a couple of blocks down… ehem. And we sat there for a while until we realized we were in the wrong place, which is quite normal is know us. Ok, let’s blame NYC, there’s just too many cat themed bars!!!!
Eventually, we all found our way and started the celebration: Greg’s insane two forty something in Boston, Steph’s amazing first marathon this past Sunday and me, nothing to celebrate just yet… I just avoided the subject and stuffed my face.

I was on the last day of the carb-depletion (and quite cranky!!!), but Steph had baked amazing goodies for us!

And even though I wanted to leave them for Thursday, one by one, they all found their way home, while the other two got distracted with the beer and celebrated!

We were all a little silly: PBRs for some, loads of sugar for others (you know who!!)… a few hours later, I was a bit happier and less freaked out! You guys ROCK. I hope I can make you proud this weekend after all that positive reinforcement!

This is how NYC Loopsters celebrate/fuel!!!

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