National Running Day – What it means to me

While running towards the park yesterday morning, I was thinking how annoying it is that there are a million running events in the city today for Running Day but they are all at 6:30 or 7 pm. All at the same #$%^ time.I committed to volunteer (as a run-sweeper) at the NYRR’s Fun Run + Happy Hour (as a part of the NYRR’s YPC), so that means I won’t be able to do ANYTHING ELSE. I am not upset about my choice, just annoyed that every single event is at the exact same time (so I am missing Bart Yasso’s run (with Steph), I am missing my team’s fun event in CP, and SO many other things!)…
So I am running by myself in the morning to celebrate. Fine. I do like my alone time.And I was thinking about how I started running. Stooopid crappy failing heart, thank you. Stubborn little head, thank you too. Bad things really do seem to have a point sometimes. The scariest week in my life launched a complete transformation of sorts. My heart got fried, yes, but only because I am stubborn and always have to have my way, I turned in this direction. It’s not what happens to you, but what you do with it, as they say. I used to be the girl that made fun of my friends who wasted their time at the gym. But I, for sure, was not going to be a heart patient if I could have a say in it!!! 
Right now, almost everything I do revolves around running. Biology is the reason for everything.My dad kept repeating how I would always find something and exhaust the crap out of it until I moved on to the next thing, and forget all about it. Sounds like me all right. Luckily, he is not expecting me to move on from this anytime soon (he actually joined in, even more after a little heart thingy last year, and is now an addicted power-walker). Yeah, again, you can get scared, or you can push back like a mofo! It’s quite obvious that we’re related (and that he’s a sttuborn calabrian!).
Biology. Survival Instincts. I think this IS me. Oh, and the Joy of Life!I am going to celebrate ME. And all the amazing things that happened in my life, even the bad ones.And my health. And my dad’s health. And all of yours! And then I’ll have a Boston Creme for sure!!Happy Happy Running Day
 —What are you celebrating today? And how?

National Running Day – What it means to me

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