The 3 Mile Rule

Most of the times, I start my long runs feeling like crap and wondering how on eart am I supposed to do 20 miles…But, always, after approximately 3 miles, I am ok. I start feeling normal and get on pace and speed up a bit and all in the world seems right. I keep hearing this happens to few people… I wonder if it’s common… and it if is, why? Is it because we need a while to warm up? Or are those first miles to burn the donuts that don’t let me move? Is it my body fighting me and after half an hour it figures out I am not backing down????Does this happen to you?
And, just because I am loving these two, here is *maybe/hopefully*, your new desktop wallpaper!

On a sad note, my run Monday sucked. My run Tuesday also sucked. I was tired, slow, and wanted to walk back home all the time. Today, I didn’t even try. This might not be my week. There’s also the chance that I am burned out from all the constant racing…Happy Hump Day!

The 3 Mile Rule

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