My feet and I got in a fight

This has been the most intense training week ever. Ever.
We know there are a lot of things that make our running better. And because I am not willing to diet or do much speedwork, I’ve submitted myself to pretty much everything else this week. It was my do or die test week!
I know about all the stuff I should be doing: drills, core workouts, arms, hip & glutes strengtheners,  plyometrics, yoga, hill sprints, stretching, flexibility, etc., etc., etc.
So, I made lists, lists of lists, and then a master plan for the week. It was grueling. It was ALL running related, and around two hours every day, including the runs. I’d start with the drills I learned on the natural coaching course, and after 5 minutes I was exhausted and done.By Wednesday morning, before I was to do 3 mile repeats, I was already slow and sore. Fabulously, Texas Dan was there to pace me (poor him!), and man, was I a whiny and tired puppy! I managed the three reps (unwillingly!!) and then finished with 9 miles! Dead. Thursday, I could barely walk normal, but I kept at it. By Friday, no running and 2 hours of core and hip related stuff later, I was a big tired mess. 
And I did all of this in my Evos. I love these shoes. I have been doing everything in them, even speedwork. My feet are SO comfortable. Ah, it’s pure love.  
But I know they require a lot more foot strenght, so I felt I had to back off for the long run.

Feet felt really tired Saturday morning (I had also been out all day Friday after my super-workout-week!). So, as I was heading out on Saturday for my first Chicago training “longish” run, I figured my feet needed an easy alternative for one day… I have been wearing the same asics model for 6 years (and you know I have lots of shoes!), there’s a few pairs that have never failed me and I know I can trust them to run for me. I felt my feet had earned the rest and comfy of the super cushioned and heely asics, fine.
I obviously had no idea. My feet started fighting the shoe. I was uncomfortable and with every step; my feet, now trained to feel the surface, kept pushing and trying to dig through. It felt like a cast and every 2 or 3 minutes and I would get a sudden urge to take the shoes off and throw them at something. Suddenly, I couldn’t land well and was doing midfoot. WTF????!?!?!! Luckily, my cadence wasn’t affected much but my legs had to work harder to pivot and land well. Yuk. I started feeling some tender spots and blisters growing in my arch by mile 5!!! I felt like I was a traitor my well trained feet, forcing this crap under them. It’s amazing how a shoe that was like my second skin for so long, is now the most uncomfortable thing (and it sucks that I have so many of them now!). It’s also really good news! Dear feet, thank you for being so OSOM, I promise I’ll be smarter next time!

My feet and I got in a fight

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