My new earphones are inspirational

You know I run with music (yeah, deal with it!!!), so I go through 2 or 3 pairs of earphones a year. But, like headnabds, it’s not so easy: nothing stays put in my ears.
For the longest time, I’ve been using Sony’s ubiquitous, $10 super cheap, ear-clips, with a headband on top to secure it, or they’d fall off too.

They sound like crap, but I like that after I’ve been sweating like a maniac, there’s a bit of a breeze in my ears and it’s not super tight shut in there; that’s never good for bacteria and stuff!!! If I decide not to use them, I can hook them easily into anything, even during a 5K, and I’ll never notice them again. I’ve had them in every color and they’re almost a part of my body. They’re so comfortable, I buy them in bulk.
But, last year I run into these JVC in-ear, also clippy, sporty (& pink!!) headset.
They sound a lot better, but I don’t really like using them when I am running.First, it gets hot in there (my ears!!!) when I run, and these are very tight fitting: not good at all.Second, I can’t hear ANYTHING else, which is very dangerous when I am outside.Third, if I decide to take them off, to listen to someone or to be careful crossing streets, or whatever, the tiny little plastic things on the end get lost very easily, so I am forced to keep these in my hear at all times, and they really do block everything. Not friendly or safe.So… I have them on my gym mp3 player (yes, I also have separate mp3 players!!) when it’s great that I get to hear nothing (like their $%$#%_ techno music!), and NO ONE (like, hum, everyone there!).
And I just got the Ironman Yurbuds!!
These are (eeeek) $49, but, somehow, they don’t fall off my ear but they also don’t leave me deaf or sweaty, they’re easy to pull off and leave hanging too. There’s a bit of noise from the cabling when the music is off but I am willing to put with it. I approve. 
What I also like is that they came with these cards. Hope you can read them!

PS. If you love the song Hello (by Martin Solveig & Dragonett) too, you might know it’s not a good idea to be singing it out loud on the streets… I found out the crazy way.

My new earphones are inspirational

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