The HARD comfort zone

Most of you have tried all the regular workouts… Besides the long, easy, recovery, tempo runs, there are also very specific interval workouts we’ve all dabbled on. There are also the intervals that serve as race predictors (like the Yasso 800s!) and even though they are scary and painful, they can become second nature and a comfortable workout that will tell you exactly where you are on any given time of running cycle. And you end up looking forward to them sometimes…

I am not very fond of track workouts, they feel hard and I am into loving my runs. But I think the main reason why I don’t go to the track often is because I don’t have one that is convenient for me to get to. Still, a few weeks ago I was at my aunt’s house for a few days and they have a brand new track super close, like half a mile away. And no one goes there, such a pity… I don’t do track workouts more than 2 or 3 times a year so I had no idea what to expect or do; I chose to do 800s, and it was quite fun. Not my thing, but I would probably do these more often if I had a track close.

Anyway, I came accross Billat’s 30-30. Apparently, it’s the Best Running Workout You’ve Never Done. Time to share, right

It’s not an all out pace (it’s VERY ROUGHLY two mile -around your mile time plus 10 seconds- pace) and you alternate 30 seconds of that pace with 30 seconds of easy jogging. The point is that you’re working both velocity at VO2max with this speed, so you’re improving your vVO2max! Genius. Not sure why it’s not more popular. 30 seconds (shorter!) of vO2mx (slower!), seems way easier, no?

If you’re LUCKY, you find a “hard” interval workout that eventually feels comfortable for you. I have two. Both are hill sprintsI know, I am weird, I LOVE hill sprints. I defined them a while ago by trees, light posts, or anything that won’t move and then I compete with my fastest time. I jog back down to I recover my breath. As hard as they are, I LOVE THEM. It doesn’t feel like a hard workout (like doing laps and laps in a track!!). It feels like I am climbing the world! And I keep telling myself, just one more please, like they’re cupcakes! I have a tempo (also defined by the course) I do once in a while too and I am starting to feel ok about it, but we’re not thaaaaat close yet. Hoping we grow fond of each other eventually…

MY park!!! Totally gratuitous picture. Well, actually, THAT is where I do my hill sprints!!!!

The HARD comfort zone

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