Run to the East -a documentary-

Yesterday I got to watch this film, Run to the East (NOT Run to Eat, as I originally read!), on a limited screening; very limited, there were like 50 of us, half of them were from my team!

The movie follows three native american high school runners during their senior year. These students (two are in the same school) run to earn scholarships that will take them off the reservation.

Here is a little excerpt from the site:

And here is the trailer. 

The filmakers are screening the film mostly on the reservation to inspire other kids to try to realize their dreams. The problem is, because their world is so closed, they don’t have many dreams, or even options to try out. So when they get to see these three runners they are inspired to look beyond what their families and friends have been doing for centuries and find their own dreams to chase.

It is not easy to get the movie to them though, it’s not like they have movie threathers, but they put together a kit that has been travelling through the reservations and it has inspired many kids that now see these three runners are symbols of hope. Their story is about regular high-schoolers who train and race, mostly on their own, but it is also about staying true to who they really are and where they come from, and mostly about endurance. These are kids just like them, talking about the challenges of life on the rez and how running helped them overcome everyday obstacles in school.

Chantel “Tails” Hunt, one of the main characters of the movie, was in the room and she did a little Q&A after the movie with the filmmakers. Such an extraordinarily driven girl!

She said she had come to NYC for a meet and wanted to come back since. She knew she needed to expand her world and college would help her with that, and running would help her with college… I wanted to take her out for a lap in Central Park. But she’s too fast for me.

Run to the East -a documentary-

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