How to multitask at the Fifth Avenue Mile (catch up with a friend, stop at a red light, text, do pictures, etc.)

How do I even start telling you all about this weekend??? SOOOO much to write about: Divide and Conquer, right?

Let’s start with the Fifth Avenue Mile!!

Last week was insanely busy and Friday I got very little sleep. I lef work early and and spent the day out, hanging out with one of the other coaches who was in town for the weekend running barefoot festival thing; by the time I got to sleep, it was reaaaally late! Still, I had to wake up early for an interview with the Daily News (more on this later) so I was a total mess. I was tired, cranky, dehydrated and my legs were mush.

I got to the Fifth Avenue Mile start around 9:50, which was perfect because my heat wasn’t on until 10:30. I texted Greg as I had read in facebook that he was cheering, come run the mile with me!! Then at 10:00, when the next group of women is set to go, I realize THAT is MY heat! HOLY FUDGE! I get on the start, everyone goes, I call Greg, wait a bit, I start, I am telling him I am already running and… police opens up the crosstown traffic!!!!!

… I had waited too long to two and I was stuck now, clock ticking and all! I felt SO stupid. I wasn’t gonna PR but this was gonna be a joke… Oh well, only in world!

So we run, all the way in the back, and I kinda loved it!!! First of all, the person ahead of me wasn’t going to be the last one… Then, it was so chill… we got to catch up and I got to see all my friends on the course, take pictures, even text!! I was due at the running clinics downtown at 10:30 so I could update them in my progress, DURING the mile! A team mate even screamed “pick it up Elizabeth’, ha, if only she knew what a mess I was making there!

The whole thing was sooo ridiculous! I had aviators on, my phone in my hand and I looked like a fool who had no clue this was supposed to be a fast and hard race: I run it slower than marathon pace!

Why show up when I knew I was going to be so tired and slow? Well… it’s Fifth Avenue people! When do I get to run on Fifth Avenue???Just once a year! 97% of my friends were there, I get a t-shirt.. enough, right? Now I’ll have a 9 minute mile (or something!) in my record forever, oooooh yeah!

I tried not to go crazy as I was going to spend the rest of the day out (at the clinics, then lunch, then expo/panels and what not) in the same clothes… and it was damp out. I didn’t get to stay and catch up with the elites and watch them race, but I’ve done that enough times… So, a way-below-effort but worth for a fun mile. And it’s all about the fun, right!

PS: I’ve started to feel like a headless chicken!

How to multitask at the Fifth Avenue Mile (catch up with a friend, stop at a red light, text, do pictures, etc.)

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