At the 9-11 Memorial

I had a couple of tickets for the 9-11 Memorial, so I left work early today to be there on time. 

Keep in mind, if you visit NYC, that you have to get the tickets online ahead of time. And they’re generally sold out months in advance. There’s also airport-like security to get in there.

I decided to invite my boss. I know this is gonna sound sappy, but I really love every one I work with. It’s pretty ridiculous that there are so many nice and amazing and fun and dedicated people in there. I never ever had this before, and I’ve had many jobs…

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures. It’s definitely Fall in NYC.

It was very moving.

The whole water thing, really got to me. If you ever get there, maybe you’ll have the same feeling. The only word I could find for it was eerie. All that flowing, beneath, and onto that big dark hole was just too big a symbol for me. Immensely sad. I couldn’t be there for long.

At the 9-11 Memorial

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