NCYM2011 – How I get ready for race week (VERY silly post!)

Some people taper, some people carboload, some start to go to sleep early, some diet… I only do one thing: my nails.

As I am doing a bunch of interviews, photo-shoots, and press conferences in the next days, this is VERY important. (Right?)

Deciding which way to go was not easy

I am being interviewed tomorrow by Carrie Tollefson (YES, Carrie Tollefson) for the Daily Cooldown. You can see her NYRR episodes on NYRR TV. I am not gonna lie, I like to have NYRR TV on in the background when I am home…  (Dork!). Then there’s a few more events this week, the expo, the press conference, stuff and more stuff. Oh,and a 5 Mile Race tomorrow, with photo shoots before and after too.

What? Have you not seen me in the cabs?? Pfffff.

Anyway, like I always say, “When there is a NEON option, you always pick NEON”. (MsRitz trademarked!)

Yeah, that’s some ridiculous SNOW!!

PS: I guess I’ll leave the blues out for Philly!

NCYM2011 – How I get ready for race week (VERY silly post!)

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