And then a week later…

I finished all my posting about the marathon! I will make the catch up short! 
  • Last Monday – Felt Fabulous. People in the office kept asking me how I felt thru the day, how was the foot, and I was jumping around, doing pirouettes, I really felt fine. At some point I said “I am so fine, I didn’t even get one blister!!” I slipped out of my shoes, and we found THREE insanely big and gross blisters (and a blood blister!)…“How did you not notice these???”, ha, cause pain is for sissies!
  • Hello Huffington Post. Here
  • Interview for Women’s Running coming up. VERY excited. Still waiting to hear on the audition for the Bayer’s commercial!
  • All of my 20 marathon runners fundraising for the Lower East Side Girls Club finished!17 of them were marathon virgins. They were all super excited and management wants me to coach their team again next year!
  • On Thursday, I organized a social for the Team in Training Ironman team with Matt Long and star sports nutritionist Lauren Antonucci. Matt is a TNT alumni so we hosted the social at his bar, Third and Long. He spoke and inspired the group a lot, even the one of us not even thinking of an Ironman ever. Lauren talked about vegetables and other strange things…  Loopster osomness jap61374 came by (along with a couple of my friens too of course) and I think she had fun (her post is here)… So glad to meet one more Loopster!
  • I also saw another FABO loopster this week!! Remember JohannaTS?? She moved to Vermont a year ago, got pregnant and had to squeeze out of her two marathons this year! She’s VERY pregnant, at 7 months but looks fabulous and has been running up to now. We talked running for 2 hours straight!!!!! I missed her! She told me say hello to everyone in the Loop too!!
  • If you want to see cute/funny/fashion/NYC marathon, check out Bill Cunningham’s New York Times 2 minute video. I love him. He shows the marathon from a cultural/fashion standpoint. He says “exhuberant” and “medallions”, priceless. Bill is the most respected NYC fashion documenter (and he took my picture 2 months ago!!!!! and I am still reeling about THAT!)
  • Sunday… Still not hungry at all. I don’t know why l lose my appetite after the marathon. I know I am not the only one, but it’s still weird. I just don’t want to eat. Luckily, I’ve been meeting up with tons of friends to celebrate and/or recap our marathons every lunch/dinner/coffee so I am forced to eat lot but… it takes me forever to decide what I want to eat! YUK. 
  • Coached a lot of hours this weekend to make up for the last super busy weekends!! Eeeeek. I was thinking about posting about that at some point if you want to know. 
  • Philly is in the AIR!!! Printed Dave’s schedule, leaving Friday midafternoon and back straight to work Monday early. I can’t wait to see you all and have some more Loop osomness! I will be pacing my friend Maricela through the second half of her FIRST marathon ever. I am SO proud of her… I lived in Philly for 4 years (01 to 05) and my two best friends are now runners. The world is completely fabulous like this. And I adore her to pieces, hope you get to meet her. You’ll probably find me cheering on Mile 13 where I will jump into the race (she’s in the Green corral, in case we can all run together) and hoping for a sub4.

Pacing of my most loved people in the world, and hanging out with all (well, some) of you, and lots of running and eating involved, what else could a girl want???

And then a week later…

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