It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (circa11-11) – Part 1 of 2

So, guess what? a bunch of us met in Philly!! Yeah, for reall! Ha, AS IF!
You’ll see tons of posts so I’ll make mine short as I didn’t even race…! 
I got to Philly on Friday and my friend and I had fabulous pizza at Stella. I still love Philly so much, and the food is fantastic, even though nothing rivals NYC. I still enjoy coming back to Philly a lot; for any reason, though running is always the best reason for go anywhere…
On Saturday, we got breakfast, run some “errands” on Walnut St (OK, fine, shopping!!) and headed to the expo, which was a riot. We talked a bit with Dori, from fabo headbands Sparkly Soul and also a great TNT coach, run into Pete (a coworker and also TNT coach). Then, Kettia, Maricela and I walk into Bart and he says “I see you more than my wife!”.
We hugged, he said he’d come to the Loop photo shoot at 2:15 and we were all in our way. I got one of these magnetic pockets… looks like it could hold anything without wearing a belt (or ever having to manually put another pocket into any more shorts//tights). As I was pacing Maricela through the second half of the race I was carrying all her gels and stuff, and also my phone and my camera… it was a lot to carry, so I decided I could try it!

Chatted a bit with Mark (Remy of course),
David (Willey of course) and we kept moving… Then I waked into pretty much EVERYBODY.
I am not gonna lie, it was a bit overwhelming. Like, are these people really real?? Really? I didn’t imagine all of this?? 😉 I probably looked like an idiot but tried to get as many hugs as I could! 
We then headed to the photo shoot, where, really Melissa (BiscuitPusher) pretty much saved my life,
lots more of these pics to come, and junkblack was really good at directing us! He’s such a pro!!!! Oh, and Bart told everyone how he had more pictures with me than with his wife! (two comparisons with Laura in one day???). Then straight to the dinner, where Dave did a little speech and we all stuffed our faces A LOT…. Then back to the hotel where everyone was,
I called Steph down and soon there was some more hugs and screams, I love you Steph. Never enough Steph.
Things were dying down so I headed out for some more Philly phun (which included another shopping stop at the South Street Adidas store of course) and eventually I passed out. I was tired. I hadn’t run since the marathon two weeks ago so I was hoping I could actually pace her, but who knew. I had to get some rest first.
PS: can’t wait for everybody’s pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (circa11-11) – Part 1 of 2

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