Doing all those interviews this year, I had to go over a lot of things I never revisit much.
I am not a revisitor. I live, I learn (or don’t), I move on. 
Literally, everything in my life is about always moving forward.
But having to go over and over my stories had me revisiting things… I had to look back at events like the heart attack, throwing myself into looking for a brand new career, starting to coach without even planning to do it, getting injured again and then having all this time to sit and think… It put me face to face with a few very obvious truths.
I learned a lot about myself in this last year, and I am very thankful for a few things that happened…
– I am thankful for every single horrible thing (but one) that happened to me in the last 10 years.
– I AM thankful for the heart attack; it changed my life completely. And I love my life. I love the person I turned out to be. Sorry if anyone expects me to be humble… I know I am not perfect, at all, but I am very happy with this thing (me!). I better be!! I have to live with it!
– I am thankful for all the people I have met in these last years. I have friendships that I know can push thru anything.
– I am also thankful for all the people I have from before and I managed to keep around. And I appreciate their patience putting up with me for so long!
– I am thankful, also, that some people are not in my life anymore.
People either add or take away. It’s a simple equation. Every single person I have in my life ADDS a lot to my happiness. I just wish I can do the same for them forever.
The only thing that I still can’t get over is my grandma leaving me two years ago. I can not even type that word without crying. The day she died, two years ago yesterday, was just like yesterday: gray. I know we all need to learn to deal with loss and I am still not sure how to move on from this. But I still thank every star for having had her in my life.
I am sure a run will help. And lots of pecan pie. And the osom people in my life I am super thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!


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