what he said, Manhattan Half last year REALLY SUCKED


Random Motivation.


Just a few more miles to go. I feel the sweat, dripping into my eyes, freezing into little icicles that dangle off my eye lashes. It’s 14 degrees out, maybe 3 with the wind chill. My muscles are begging to stop, or at the very least, for an extra layer. My lungs sting from the bite of the cold air and they are ready to rebel. Bring it.

I remember running the Manhattan Half in January 2011 – it sucked. Despite the suffering, I remembered, this is why I run. To prove to myself that I can take whatever you want to throw at me, catch it barehanded, squish it, light it on fire and toss it back. The tougher it is, the more to overcome, the bigger the statement.

Hey, nothing worthwhile was ever easy.



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