My new three babies: UN-shoe P0rn!

(Born to Run) Barefoot Ted, who I met a few times last year (last time was at the Barefoot Run) sent me a pair of these adorable Leadville Pacers.

Rad, right?

Are you ready to see me in these? Maybe these and some (DEFINITELY NOT COTTON!!!) Rundies… Minimalist all the way, yey!!!! (someone please come bail me out!)

I can’t wait… But I have to. Gotta do this right! (Though I have three pairs of injinjis ready!).

And, also… I got two pairs of Invisible Shoes. Similar concept, different material and structure.

The blue pair on the right is ready, the purple still needs to be cut according to my foot size. Which scares me because I am accident prone and I should stay away from the scissors. So we’ll give the blue pair a shot first and then figure things out.

Sorry for no pictures with my feet in there. I am still growing a couple of my nails I powered thru on some runs and they look runner-sezy (generally-hideous!). 

Good Luck to all Surf City Runners and am OSOM Weekend to ALL! (I am going for another bridge run!)

My new three babies: UN-shoe P0rn!

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