I’ll say it again and again: RUNNING FIXES EVERYTHING!

(well, 99% of everything!)
So, you know I took yet another fall Monday night, and it was pretty nasty right there. I was bleeding, swelling, the works. But I kept running. I ended up doing around 5 more miles after. It was uncomfortable, itchy, painful, stingy, all of it, but for some reason I wanted to finish my run.
When I got home I cleaned up, ate, and slept for 10 hours straight. Sleeping was not easy, the sheets kinda hurt and there was no way to turn on any side, but whatever, got a great night sleep as usual, it’s one of my biggest talents.
Ten hours later, you would not have believed it. It was all almost gone. Like it almost never happened. I was sore all over, shoulder, neck, arm, bruised, and my arm was painful to move… but my knees had closed up and scarred. They looked like just a tiny cement rash. The hip, which had been bleeding, was completely scarred and closed up too. Seriously. Like a few days had gone by since the fall.
I’ve done these enough, I know how long these take to heal. This was like day 3!
I went from desbelief and shock (“I never fell… did I dream it?” and “I am Wonder Woman!!! I have healing powers!”) to the AHA moment…. Running!! Running after the fall sped up the recovery.
We know all about active recovery, how the more we sit after a long run, the more it’ll take to recover, but this took it to another level (and I am always ready to be the guinea pig…). I think the run kept the blood moving, reducing the swelling and helping the blood flow to the area to close it all up. I am sure the sweating and the cold air had some part in it too. I suck at science (I don’t suck, it’s boring!) so I have no data to back it up, but the results can prove my hypothesis. I’m officially surrendering my body to science every day to prove this: Running Fixes Everything.

I’ll say it again and again: RUNNING FIXES EVERYTHING!


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