All in for a Body Glide Commercial!!

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a form to fill out: Body Glide was selecting athletes to do a commercial… I hadn’t heard about it, but I saw later it was everywhere… It was simple enough so I put my name in!

I got an super nice email a few days after! The talent agency selecting the people were super super sweet, they set up a call that same day and we were on non-sticky/non-chafing ground in a few minutes. I am sure I have enough stories with Body Glide in them 😉

A couple more days went by and they told me they had picked me!! We’d basically be doing a “testimonial” type shoot, in three weeks, “bring clothes you’d usually chafe in”, we’ll shoot in the park… All fun, and you all know how comfortable I am in front of the camera, which they were very glad to hear…

So, last night, when I was telling my sis about it, I was rehearsing what stuff I could say…

I don sweat, I rain!

When I wear clothes to a run, I gotta have BG!

BG can be used in many different circumstances… like when you get new heels, you dirty minds!!!

BG makes up for very smooth deodorant!

…and a few more I have to autocensor!

All in for a Body Glide Commercial!!

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