Who has been a Drunk Runner?

Thursday “night” I only got 3 hours of sleep, I was a mess all day. Then there were was a little party at work where I consumed enough sugar to keep a car running for 2 years… then I went back to my desk and crashed like I just jumped from the top of the building. I don’t drink coffee so I had no other thought that to leave the office, and go for a run. Because that’s always my plan A when things are not quite right.

I felt a bit.. hm… unstable? I changed, hoped for the best, and got to the park, but I really felt like it was a stoopid idea as I really couldn’t even see straight. Just like when you’re drunk. I don’t drink, so I haven’t done THAT yet… So, who has run drunk? It sounds like fun and I am this close to attempting it.

PS: I never drink. It’ll be interesting for sure. 

PS: Running hangover doesn’t count. Everybody has done that!

Who has been a Drunk Runner?

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