another trip to niketown

 am there all the time, who am I kidding (57th st is on my way home, I swear!!!!). I try not to go too often, but… there’s many things on Madison Ave I like so I end up there often. Oh well, tough life, right?

This time I took a few pics because anything that is running related seems like total amazingness to me. There’s a whole wall with Pre’s face. It’s HUGE. I always just want to lay there as if it was the Planetarium, but people would totally walk on top of me and that’s not even as fun as it seems. It’s also impossible to take pictures. Bowerman is in the picture too. (By the way, we just had to fill up a Questionnaire at work for a Look Book and one of the ?s was “Who, dead or alive, would you like to have dinner with?” I said Pre. Does that make me a running geek?? It was a close match between Zatopek, Pre, and Fred Lebow. I totally could have a thresome there, well, not Fred!!!).

Anyway… I like nike socks, and their singlets, and their shorts. But mostly their bulding. This takes up a whole wall:

and how their ads are very newyorkish:

That one said something like “Built on beating yellow cabs”, or “Trained”, I can’t remember. I like to race the Select Bus. It’s a special express bus that stops only every 10 blocks. It goes faster than me, but I don’t have to stop at every light and the bus does. HA!

And two shirts I liked:

Yeah. New-York-Minute Style.

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