MOTOACTV – The world’s first GPS fitness tracker and smart MP3 player, all in one

Motorola came out with this new watch… I am not even sure watch is the word to describe, and as they were going to launch it they asked me to be their Brand Ambassador at the NYC Half, coming up in a couple of weeks… Fine, I’ll try it, but… a fitness tracker, gps watch, mp3 player, all wireless (to synch the data up, and bluetooth to listen to the music), multisport (even elliptical?!?!), plus touchscreen, water resistant, cool looking, and a smart system that lets you see your emails and phone calls AND it picks the songs you’re most efficient with… hmmm, too good to be true?? Well, I still had to try it! Get a look at their website:

Soon I got the stuff, and unpacked it right away!

Uhm, I also got some gear I HAD to try on…

Anyway, it charged fast, and then there was the first test run… Will put a report up ASAP, as I wore also my Garmin too. Took lots of notes. I was pretty surprised…

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