NYRR’s Club Night & Runners of the Year

ME! Just kidding, OBVIOUSLY!

So, this all happened last night so I am sure there’ll be a bit more pics and stuff around soon, but wanted to put it up before I forgot all about it by tomorrow! In case you have no idea what this is…

Luckily, I had been involved in the Selection Committee and it was quite fun (blogged about the data-super-fun here). Here are the basic rules…

Anyway, there was not much for me to do last night other than have a good time: THE perfect assignment!! Here is the NYRR page where you can see all the info, awards winners and all that juicy stuff.

Everyone who’s anyone was there. It was quite fun, so much so, that I barely paid any attention to the show and the awards giving (I missed most of it actually!)… ALSO, I knew who would be winning everything… so…! It’s so cool to catch up with all this fabulousness when we’re not all out of breath and sweaty-gross! And you knew there’d be pictures coming right… some fun ones made it into the NYRR’s Photo Gallery… so… yeah..

The one in the middle on the top row, is my team, Dashing Whippets, picking up the Best Men’s Team, B Division, I am in the picture in them bottom too.

So, I am sure there’ll be lots more pics (and stories!!) up everywhere soon but had to share! Luckily, I get to be in the Committee next year too. YEY NYRR!! And, Congrats to all Awards Winners!!

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