Have/Know Kids Who Need a bit of Exercise Motivation?

Soooo, not that many kids running into me in the Upper East Side, or maybe not at the times I am out, but recently I was at a friend’s party and she introduced me to this guy who is trainer and also writes books for kids, ABOUT EXERCISE!! 

Mmmm, what did you say? Yeah, I said “Whaaaaat?”

Anyway, he sent it to me and the thing is OSOM. I was sitting on the floor, reading it and looking at the pictures like I was four. The only adult thing I was doing was not reading it out loud. And I was at work.

Here are some pics so you get an idea:

You know there’s gonna be a great ending…

I think it could make a cute present. I’d totally gift it if I knew anyone who had kids! Here’s the info if you want to give it a try!

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