Body Glide – The Video Shoot!

I had mentioned before I was going to do a video shoot for Body Glide but it took a bit to set the date as we were going to do it in the park and we had to wait to see what the weather would do… Mid February it was narrowed down to this past weekend and on Monday, once it had been announced that we’d get rain and thunder in NYC on Saturday, it was decided we’d do the shoot on Sunday. OK.
Saturday, I still had to run… it was raining all morning but who cares, riiiight? My training buddy and I had some miscommunication and we never met, so after I waited for 25 minutes and got soaked, I decided to go crazy. I was in between being all sad cause I had to do a long run alone (boooring!), in the rain, with no music, but I chose to not give a crap and headed for Harlem hill (the biggest hill we have in the park). I turned hill reps into a long run. YEAH. Weirdly enough, and as repetitive and brutal as it was, I wasn’t the only one doing that… surely it is Boston training time! I headed home soaked wet, exhausted but feeling quite BA. I heart hills.
The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from the week and the run, can’t complain though it seems like there is never enough time for sleep in my life. Oh well!
Sunday, got up early to go cheer at a 5K, it was cold and rushed home for a mini nap between the shoot, lunch, and my shoot…  I had to get some beauty sleep (?!?!) and ready!!! I was told, as usual, no big logos… I looked around, and given it was 37 degrees, I decided I could wear one of my ING NYC marathon jackets to the shoot. I have a bunch so I wore them all so they chose chose which color worked best for the camera… 
As soon as I get to the park, I spotted the crew, around 10 people, and they had already scouted the location, less than 200 meters from Engineer’s Gate, on the park but right on top of Fifth Avenue! Everyone was super super nice. Bill, the President and CEO of Body Glide was there, along with all the people from the creative agency, including the producers, video and audio people and director, all super nice even though they had been out there since 3 am… I would have been SO cranky if I was them!
They ask me about the clothes, I say they can pick, and none of the jackets work… so I ended up in my 2011 NYC Marathon Finisher long-sleeve shirt. Hmmmm. COLD. I was miked up and the interview started… We had to cut a few times because of traffic on Fifth Ave and also all the planes flying on top of the park, and that’s when I’d shiver and my teeth would clatter!!!!
So… after one hour or so, we finish the shoot.. and it turns out most of the video seems to have been lost.. AAAHHHGGG. Something about the camera. We have to do it all again. By then, I was frozen stoopid, I had no idea what I was talking about and it all seemed rehearsed (though they keep saying I was fine!). I really hope they were able to use the first taping though… at least I wasn’t that frozen…
Then we did some b-roll of me stretching and running in the reservoir. It was pretty fun, though I was a bit jealous of them wearing jackets!! 😉 There were all super sweet and kept forcing me to dress up in between takes (I was too frozen to make sense, ha!). It was still a great experience as I really do like the product and it’s something I use all the time and bring with me when I go anywhere (ha, I am such a natural!!).
I can’t really say enough about how great an experience this was and how amazingly nice they all were, and how patient they were with me, when I couldn’t talk or forgot what I was talking about or whatever… I felt really lucky to be picked for this, and I can’t wait to see how it came out! Will post as soon as I see anything!

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