MOTOACTV – a week later!

As I had mentioned last week, I was given a Motorola’s MOTOACTV -the world’s first GPS fitness tracker and smart MP3 player, all in one- to test out. I posted a bunch of pics and info here, but to recap, this is it:

though you can also wear it as a clip, like this:

and there’s also an armband… really very versatile.

I wore it as a clip the first time, as that is how I wear my mp3 player and I am used to it, and I still wanted to bring my Garmin 405 on my wrist to compare. Since the first run, I’ve used it as a watch and it’s more comfortable than my Garmin, as it is flatter and the band really grabs my tiny wrist (even when I bought the Garmin special strap kit because the regular strap was enormous for me).

First note: The watch is comfortable.

Second note: I didn’t even set it up. Got it out of the box, charged it, threw some music on it, and wore it to run.

Third Note: and probably my most favorite thing so far… It gets satellite service almost instantaneously!!!! It’s VERY VERY hard to find satellite in the Upper East Side in NYC sometimes (always!!), up to 15 minutes, average of 8 minutes. Sometimes that makes me late. It’s even worse when I try to start a run with my Garmin right after work, on Park Avenue. Impossible. It could also take up to 15 minutes. The MOTOACTV gets satellite in seconds. I have no idea how it happens but, after having a Garmin for 3.5 years, I am delighted every single time!

Not only it gets satellite fast, but the current pace is adjusted insanely fast too. I like to avoid standing in the corners when going to/coming back from the park, mostly when it’s freezing, so sometimes I sprint accross the avenues (bad bad MsRitz, please don’t do as I do!)… I looked down as I was in the middle of the street and my pace had gone from 9 something to 6 something, in just a couple of yards. IMPRESSIVENESS.

And the screen is quite clear to see…

Fourth Note: the music part… It has 16GB so you can fit quite a lot of music in there… Specs are here if you want to check them out.

I am very particular with my music, you can also call me OCD. I have a few different playlists based on bpms (or types of runs…). I have a very slow one (Nick Drake and stuff) to force me to slow down on recovery days and brutal ones for tempos or speedwork) and this device lets me have playlists too… plus some!

And it lists what I listen to the most,and for how long and all that sweet stuff (keep in mind I only used the music on just 1 run, as I ran with people on the other ones!). DON’T JUDGE!

Fifth Note; As soon as I get back, the thing syncs as soon as it catches wifi. No need to plug in a dongle or even turn on your computer. Magic. I’s uploaded. Insanity.

Sixth Note: The stats on the website. RAD. Yeah, I am a bit of a nerd, sowhaaat?

You can also download Maps into the device to use on your runs:

If you run with a heart rate monitor, which I do (and I paired the device to my old Garmin hrm, in just a second!), it sets the Zones for you and keeps track of stats of those too, though you can adjust the Zones manually as well.

Then… you can really focus on some part of the workout… for example, I did this run…

and let’s say, I’d like to see exactly what happened in this section I am highligting below:

So… it brings it up, and you can really zoom in on the stats for every second of it!

Overall, I really like it. It’s very user friendly, easy to look at in runs, touchscreen is comfortable, packs in a lot of music, gets satellite reception super fast and it’s easy to set up and manage. The data on the site gets props too as it’s well organized and easy to find.

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