Who doesn’t like freebies? (if it’s you, no need to read this!)

When I say I have the coolest friends, I am not exaggerating…My good friend Katy, who I met last year as we both were coaching for Girls on the Run, and her super cool fiancé, are crazy runners/triathletes just like the rest of us. But they have tons of super creative ideas… They’ve been starting up a bunch of sports endeavors and I figured I’d share the last one with you, as it’s quite exciting!

It’s Try for Sports, you just sign up (just your email, takes TWO seconds!) to get free sample nutrition, gear and training information from the world’s top manufacturers and trainers. No need to enter your address and create a log in (ugh!), yey.

From the site:

How does TryForSports Work?
– We send an e-mail featuring a FREE item from manufacturer.
– Click I want it!
– Receive newest training gear and nutrition

You can unsubscribe from any e-mail we send. We are not a daily deals site, we only send e-mails when we have something valuable to offer. We’re only about getting the latest gear to serious athletes. Train hard, experiment, win.

Fun, right? It came to life from them doing marathons and triathlons and their frustration with the amount of nutrition and gear out there. They (just like ALL of us!) had to do trial and error to see what worked and that can cost anyone a small fortune; then they decided to help other athletes figure out what nutrition and gear they need with free samples. Seems like the perfect way to figure things out! I am in! 

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