NYC Half – 8 days to go – Shoot!!


The past weeks at work have been very busy. For everybody. Just like always… But one of my coworkers has been particularly stressed and when she looked up, sighed, and said “Nine days to NYC Half”.

Ah, yeah, we’re all busy…

Wait A second… I am RUNNING that half. Oh shoot.

Really, shoot.


I signed up for the NYC Half as I hadn’t done it in a few years and it’s so hard to get in… Then I got in… I haven’t been in any sort of shape since July last year so I’ve just been trying to catch up and avoid messing up. That does not training make!

There’s been really no training per se for the last 2 months. But I’ve been running. And I’ve been running constantly. Not particularly much (25 to 30 miles a week), not particularly fast (NOT one speed session!) but I’ve had FUN. The past two months the running was all mine, for my fun alone.

And that’s how I am going into this half, 8 days away, with a I am going to have fun attitude. It’s the first race I ever ever did, and I am looking forward to doing it again. Even though I just noticed this week that the course has changed completely, it goes in the other direction in the park, doesn’t start by my bed, it finishes on the other side of town, and it goes through a tunnel. It’s like a completely different race. This race sneaked up on me, even if I haven’t raced since the marathon.

And because I haven’t raced in so long, I have no idea where I’ll be pace wise. I am assuming I can sub2 (as I did the marathon in November in just about sub 4, in worse shape, well, my slowest ever), and I’ve been doing better since. Maybe 1:55? Maybe a wild 1:50? Whatever, it’ll be a super fun weekend, seeing all my favorite runners in town (will share pics and stories of course) and chasing them down my city. What else could a girl want? Wish me luck!!!

PS: had a wonderful run last night. Just sports bra and shorts in March!!! I was bopping along the trails like a happy firefly in the darkness against the city lights! Even though I had gotten so busy at work that I forgot to have lunch (filled it in with one humongous cupcake and two powerbars!) I ended up with 8 miles (I just didn’t want to stop!) and a bunch of hill sprints: HAPPINESS.

Happy Running Weekend!!!!

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