Kara (and the NYC Half) taking over the city

Can you imagine what it’d be to see this on your corner?

Well, this is all over NYC this week!! The NYC Half has taking over and it’s almost as big as the marathon… Fun week indeed. From now on, I’ll be running into the biggest stars of our sports in my slow and regular run, and wave. Newyorkers never ever acknowledge celebrities, but if they are runners we DO (I do) waive and shout. They deserve it. Expo starts on Thursday (through Saturday); I’ll have to stop by at the Motorola booth to pick up race day gear, and visit my Team in Training coworkers.

This Friday, just like last year (A Night with Champions: Kara, Ryan, Meb, Edna, Gebre, Adam, and Colt!), Kettia and I will dine with the elites and hopefully get their speed secrets! I promise I’ll make a list and share. Anyway, half fever is up to 103 and I am ready to set my secret plan to victory on high gear… Want to know…? I am going to… Sleep!!!!


I know it’s super obvious but that’s ALL I can do at this point. At least starting tomorrow (I already know it won’t happen tonight!). Hopefully tomorrow!

I am SO sleep deprived that Sunday I slept in the middle of my run. Literally.

I walked up to the park so slowly and tired (and I hadn’t even run since Thursday…!) and did more hill reps. Then, after 6 miles I was so tired, I put my shirt on the grass, slept for like an hour, and got back to a few more miles. Ridiculous.

Also, it was pretty stooopid of me to try to rest in a place where everbody knows me! Got woken up every 20 minutes.

Kara (and the NYC Half) taking over the city

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