Run For The Park – Four Miler – Can we call this “racing”??

I am a bit late with this one, but late is better than never right? I guess I hadn’t raced in so long I had to remember to post about races… the truth is, I was waiting for the race pictures because I knew they’d be GOOD, you’ll see…

Going back… Got back from Boston late Monday, had to take Tuesday off work, when I came back for air, on Wednesday, I look at my organizer and, oh suprise, there’s a 4 miler this weekend I signed up for! Okaaay.

These NYRR races fill up SO FAST and SO EARLY that you usually have to sign up months in advance and then hope you can do it. And then you totally forget about it.

Well, forecast all week said it’d pour Sunday morning so I kept think that if it was pouring I’d stay in my bed, watch CBS Sunday morning, which is my ultimate favorite thing to do (every single Sunday of the year but one… yeah, the first Sunday in November!!!) and be done with it. But the truth is, when does a little pouring stop us?? Never!!

Saturday rolled around, had a long day (an a really loooooong and exhausting week, ahem) and I prepped my clothes. As I was tired, I only took out a tiny short and a bra. Sometimes I am too lazy to worry about clothes.

Sunday morning, overcast, no sign of rain, 50 degrees, and I am wearing short tights and a sports bra. EVERYONE else is wearing multiple layers… Yes, I froze in the corral, but I was fine as soon as I got going… Well, I looked crazy, or like I was looking for money. But whatever, no point having extra layers in a balls-against-the-wall 4 miler, right? Who is with me on this? I didn’t even want to bother with gloves or anything. I figured, if I was cold, I could just run harder/faster to warm up… Riiiight??? Look at the pics below, everyone is dressed like it’s winter… it’s FIFTY degrees!!!!! that’s 70 in running weather! Beach weather.

That’s me, the naked lady in the right. Now check everyone else. Yeah, I am THAT crazy I guess.

Also, when you’re this nekkid you gotta blow kisses to the crowds and wave! Okaaaay, that is my friend, not the crowd!

So… back to the race…

I hadn’t raced anything short since last June. And nothing besides the NYC marathon in November (my slowest ever) and the NYC Half this past march. No 10k, no 5K, no speedwork ever, nothing hard since July… so I had no clue what to expect but I knew a PR was out of the question. 

My last 4 miler was in September 2009, average pace of 7:02.  So I decided if I could stay under 7:30 overall pace I’d be happy (and congratulate myself consequently with Shake Shack either way).

The first mile is rough, because I back off to not go out too fast and also because #!%$&! Cat Hill is there…Mile 1 – 7:20. Good, right on it. Then I start the whole did I go too fast?? can I hold this?? speech in my head. Which usually makes you go faster and have nothing for the last mile, but I shut it down. Stay focused, keep at it, freaking look down, push on, and save it!!! Mile 2 is also the easiest, has a half mile in it that is pretty flat and I love it. Mile 2: 7:10. good. Of course, then I started feeling it. The part between the I am warming/speeding up and the gotta take out all I have usually sucks, aka mile 3. There are also some nasty little hills there. Luckily had some awesome people there to keep me going, so I kept my this is ok face on, I might have even believed it for a bit. Right. Mile 3: 7:32. Yeah, ouch, way to fall back. But I knew the finish, and my comeback, was around the corner. I started pushing. Like someone stole my burger.

These pictures are from around 3.7. I had found someone to chase. But I started to push a bit too early, and 200 yards before the finish I started dry heaving!!! Luckily I don’t eat before races, so I was just throwing up air during the race!!!! I shut it all down, told myself to get to that finish line before it got worse. Mile 4: 6:55.What? What? Ok, I did that. Somehow. I stopped, bent over, and threw up more air for a bit.

Yeah, that’s how finish a race (or any party) if you’re insane: nekkid and throwing up!

Not a PR, by far, but really happy with it!!!!! Here’s the stats!!!!

Finish time: 29:18. Average Pace: 7:20
Previous PR: 28.09. From: September 2009.
Age Grading: 66.78%
Overall Place: 1019 of 7303
Gender Place: 122 of 3468
Age Place: 22 of  588
And here is the motoact stats. Seems like I was really in a rush to finish this, yey me!

I had planned with Blaise to add a few more miles to the race, which as you know, is never easy. Being cold and having no clothes to get on the train was enough motivation to just run home, but some water and pics first!!!

The girl in the line to the pictures (below) asked to get a picture with me. She said she had been trying to catch me all race. She was super nice!

And, my friends, that is the story of my comeback. Short races hurt like hell, but they are the best speedwork (after sprinting hills!!!). And the only one I am willing to do.

So, got home, showered, got me some Shake Shack and signed up for another 4 miler this next weekend. Let’s see if I can find a way to top myself in one week. Running smarter seems impossible as I think I paced perfectly (any suggestions???). Running harder seems impossible too, as I don’t want to pass out. Maybe I will have tobreak out my tutu! We’ll figure something out.

Run For The Park – Four Miler – Can we call this “racing”??

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