NO Whining

I saw this shirt in a running store a few days ago. It stuck.

I realize there should be no whinning on running. This is not a chore, it’s a gift, and we should be grateful every single minute that we’ve found something that gives us so much.. an outlet for our thoughts, our emotions, a place to unload, a solace from the world, a way to connect with the universe, an activity that makes us healthier and more human, a learning experience, a chance to discover ourselves and who we want to become… So, unless we’re injured and we can’t run, there’ll be no whining, no more “I wish I was in better shape”, or, “I am upset I didn’t hit that PR”, or even “Why can’t I be faster?”. There is no more space for whining. It is all of the above and NEVER a way for us to feel bad about any of it. No alibis. No Whining. Just doing your best, and making sure you savor every second of it, is ALL.

Hum, where was I going with this?? I have the Healthy Kidney 10K tomorrow (lots of elites in town) and I hate 10ks. Happy Weekend Everyone!

NO Whining

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