ODDyssey, Return to Ithaca, uhm, I mean Philly

ODDysey, Half Marathon, Philly, this Saturday, it’s happening, costumes, beer garden, fun, and… I have no idea if I should even do it.

There’s still some other plans and obstacles on the course, but I’d have to be packing now if I end up hopping on the two-hour Megabus to Philly tomorrow. I am doing a minimalist clinic tonight in Soho, coaching 1x1s tomorrow before work, and work from 9 to 1. And I’d need to get on a 2 pm bus to get to the expo to pick my bib. Luckily, I am working from home today so I could pack and prep 6 to 6:30. Hmmm, fingers crossed that this happens. Oh, and that it stops raining one day soon. Seems like the end of the world in NYC right now. Want a picture of my hair?

What’s everyone doing this weekend? Anyone at ODDyssey? Would it be too much to want any redemption from last week’s Brooklyn Half?

ODDyssey, Return to Ithaca, uhm, I mean Philly

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