BODYGLIDE 101 Uses = 5 BODYGLIDE Winners

Randomly Selected (using random numbers generator) winners from our fun Giveaway!

here we go!

I use it for chapstick when I forget mine… which is often!

who needs a slip-n-slide when there’s BodyGlide!

The hinges on my door used to squeak, until I discovered Bodyglide.

flying tomato 
Body Glide, there is nothing better to help extricate you child’s head from between the metal post in a railing after you told them multiple times not to stick their head between the post.

Body Glide for your hair! You’ll never use BrylCreem again.

All fabo winners: send me through a message, by Thursday:


Postal Address (US addresses only) :

Bodyglide of your choice, from the post’s list:


BODYGLIDE 101 Uses = 5 BODYGLIDE Winners

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