The -National Running Day- Run

These days… It’s always a struggle, SO much to do, so many events to attend… For this National Running Day, I limited my options to two (I did THREE last year!) as I have a race this weekend and definitely need to back off from this past week’s speed workouts and mileage.
One was the Footlocker Run. Since I did the Footlocker Five Boro Challenge last year, I’ve grown very close to them and I like to show up when I can to show my support. The other one was my team’s (Dashing Whippets) 5K, which seemed really fun: you had to guess your time, wear no watch, run the 5K, and whoever came closer to their estimated time would win. No speed required? My type of race! 😉
But rain was announced, the Footlocker run was first so I figured I’d get moving before it was too late. And I had still a lot more to do so the sooner I was done, the better!
I got to the Union Square Footlocker Run store, get a shirt, get a bib, write on the bib, see John, Jeanine, and Gabriella (from NYRR and Footlocker) and catch up. Soon I find Blaise, my sidekick and we talk about how slow we’re gonna be!
We all got these cool shirts, get a group photo, leave our staff and John leads us to the Upper West Side, we get to a bit over a mile and decide to turn around to go back to the store. It was getting really crazy cloudy out, hmmm. This could be FUN…
Also, John had a very cool NYRR shirt I want:
They turned around, Blaise and I keep going. No run counts under 4 miles in my book!!! Hehehe. We turn around a bit before 2 and head back. They had electrolytes drinks and stuff at the store. I was soaked in sweat, tired and quite ready to get some food.
You kinda HAVE to run on National Running Day and I was very happy to head home having done my duty.

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