What have I done?

Part 1
I was at a couple of running stores on Monday… Uhm. How do even say this? I heard people talking about me, or the bikini, or the Central Park Bikini. On one side, I think what’s the big deal, really?? On the other side, it made me a bit uncomfortable and left, or moved so they wouldn’t see me, though I doubt the people that didn’t know me would recognize me without the outfit in question. I even had someone shout at me yesterday during my speedwork* session “where is the pink bikini”? I now just apologize and keep running. My tiny running outfits are not even good anymore! Pfffft!!

*Speedwork, three weeks in a row now! It’s like… I don’t even know myself. Also, I realize this is a HUGE advantage.. to have someone pacing me during reps and tempo runs. It should probably be illegal!

Part 2
Yesterday, after such speedwork, I ate healthy. For some weird reason, I never feel like eating crap after a great workout!  But later, I started feeling tired… and where I work (at Team in Training), there is always always sweets around. So, at around 10 am I started the attack. Donut holes, lots. Then candy. Then cookies. Then we had an ice-cream-and-lots-of-toppings party. By 5 pm I was so full I couldn’t even walk. Then I met Kettia for dinner, and we are not like those women who don’t eat. And I have no clue when or how to stop. It was BAD. Suffice to say, I could barely sleep I was so full. That did not look good either. So the run this morning was interesting. I was also hot and humid. Add the speedwork from yesterday, and little sleep from the last few nights. Sometimes I am my worst enemy.

What have I done?

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