I never thought I’d be THAT runner…

You know those people you see… taking their run like a joke, and chatting on the phone? yeah, those people.
Well, that was me yesterday.
Well, you gotta try everything once, right? Or so they told me…
I wanted to do a very slow run (LIKE, REALLY slow. Like 3-minutes-over-your-marathon-pace slow yesterday, to get my running mojo back (see my boring whining yesterday about always running with people that are faster than me).
I was tired from the Wipe-Out-16-miler and had no one around me who’d want to go that slow. That could be really boring, and maybe I’d cut it short.
Fine. I had an idea.
Put the iphone on the yurbuds-iphone-armband. Put the yurbuds in the iphone. Keys in my pocket. Dialed Argentina. Pressed start on the watch.
I had to go REALLY slow so I would be able to hold a normal phone conversation with whoever I could “run with” on the phone. I got my mom first, that was worth 2.5 miles. Stopped, dialed my sister: nothing. Found one of my best friends(who lives in Philly) and I caught up with her with all the way to Shake Shake. It was like I was running with them.

I was the runner in the phone. And I kinda really liked it.

I never thought I’d be THAT runner…

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