a little (huge) milestone

I haven’t done speedwork in years until my boyfriend started forcing me. He’d push me out, pace me, tell me I did great, I’d reply suuuure of course I did, and just wait until he pushed me out again a week later. I was starting to get used to it, but I also knew I wasn’t doing it out of my own intentions and drive.
Yesterday morning we managed to sleep through speedwork time, we were both too tired. And last night, our plans to meet to make up for it after work went to crap due to a hail-hell summer thunderstorm that flooded trains and a dead phone. I got home, I waited for over an hour, I couldn’t push it to Thursdays, I wasn’t sure what time he’d be back, where he was or if he had already run.
Okay, I am gonna do it by myself. I can do it.
…I have done it before after all… at races..?!?!
I decided I was really to move on and take on it by myself.
Something took over me and I run my warm up mile a bit faster than usual as I was excited to see what I could do on my own.
I didn’t expect to match the times I’d do with him, but I wanted to see if I could stay focused and not get bored and give up.
It was still humid, and I decided to do the whole Central Park 6 mile loop, which includes one monster hill and many other nasty ones. I wasn’t even scared to go for the easier options. I wasn’t doing it to hit my times, like I do with him. I just wanted to see that I could it.
By the time I got home, I was drenched, exhausted, and he had just gotten there. After a few minutes where we sorted how what happened and all that, I told him I did it alone. Blank stare. I explained what I did. I showed my splits. He was impressed. 🙂
I, for once, felt great about the results of speedwork. Two months ago this would have seemed crazy to me. 

a little (huge) milestone

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