Gotta Run Interview, Part 2 (the link!)

—Just so everyone knows what it’s about, I included Monday’s post below. For everybody else who already know what I am talking about, scroll all the way to the bottom for the link!

Remember when I did that interview for a running show called Gotta Run? Well, if you don’t, the interview is here, and you can watch it anytime!

Speaking of which, Will, the host, emailed me last year to see if I wanted to be in his show again in his anniversary episode. He’s reached 50 episodes and wanted to do something special… So he invited two repeat guests, Dr. Dan Hamner, his first guest ever, and me. I was shocked that I hadn’t met Dan before but learned a great deal watching his episode. He’s a Physiotherapist, a runner with a standing world record, and has done insane things like the North Pole marathon and such. But I had no idea about what to expect about the interview… how would it work?? Oh well, of course I said yes (is there any other answer?) and went for it.

All Will told us was not to wear white, so I went with as much color as I possibly could.

We sat there for literally an hour, correcting  the cameras angles (I had to stare at Will’s face for at least 20 minutes non-stop, no moving the head!!!), correcting the lighting, and I remembered what I was like when I was 16 and used to go to tanning beds! Soon, we started, and soon, it was over. The episodes are usually short of half an hour, and we don’t stop. I really liked how it flew, it felt a little less awkward than me talking into infinity… I always just feel stoopid when I talk a lot, which is ALL THE TIME, so I am guessing I am going to like this episode a lot more. We had a whole section about runners and heart attacks (Dr. Dan has had one), and as I hadn’t met him before I had no idea what he’d think about my “I didn’t care what any dr said” story… I was a bit scared he was gonna slap me LIVE. I guess you’ll have to see it, huh? It should be up soon, possibly tomorrow…

Some stills I just got from the video processing, while you wait for the real thing:

Don’t forget I talk with my hands… these are hard to look at! ha!

Stay tuned!

—and here it is!!! let me know what you think… it’s around 27 minutes, but hope they fly by!

Gotta Run Interview, Part 2 (the link!)

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