How do you do it?

WHAT’S THE SECRET? WHAT’S THE SECRET?? I was yelling from the bed this morning. Do I even care?
Pffft Let me go back.
The boyfriend was going out early for his long run and I asked mileage, pace, you know, normal morning convo, we ended up talking about how he was planning on doing 5:30 pace in an upcoming 5 miler. 
Ha. All his speeds are fast, so it’s all the same to me, but then it clicked. He just did a 4 miler in 5:32 pace. A four miler. How do you slice off that many seconds off in just a few weeks in a 5miler? How do you do it? How do you do it??!?! I was confused.
I obviously made it clear that I am SURE he CAN do it, but HOW?
He says the secret is ME. Having someone that loves you and believes in you makes a difference. All that. And he believes in it too. So he just visualizes it, works on it, and it materializes.
Ah, ok. Wait, WHAT?
You visualize it, it materializes.
Talk about jedi mind tricks.

Ok, I am doing a 5K tonight and visualizing a 7:10! Yes, way slower than him, but a huge step for humanity. I am going to visualize the crap out of it! How do you prep to get faster? Any tips?

How do you do it?

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