Exciting News: my first trip as a Biomechanics Coach!! Heading down to Salt Lake City, for Outdoor Retailer next week!!!

I got an exciting email this week Can you make it to Outdoor Retailer next week?

First thought: I’D LOVE TO!!! I REALLY WANT TO!

Second thought: this is possibly the worst week ever to take a few days on…
I need to leave Wednesday August 1st and come back Saturday August 4th. I am now in the final planning stages of my next Team in Training (working) event: Ironman NYC, which is the week after, August 11, and the Wednesday I’d leave we have Send Off, where the coaches and race directors give the final tips/instructions. So, I’d do Send Off, get on the plane within the hour, work at the Outdoor Retailer for 3 days straight, land back in NYC on Sunday at 6 am, and that day I need to: Do a 20 miler – Sleep a little – Catch up on Work. Watch the Olympic Marathon. All in a Day. On NOT much sleep.
For Pre’s sake… and get ready for a tough busy (busiest!) week at work, which will include finalizing the Inspiration Dinner for Wednesday and get everyone ready for Race Weekend. The word to describe it is nonstop (and sleepless) for 12 days. Oh, and that Saturday I am skipping a 5 miler I had signed up for too. Why can’t I do everything??? My dad always tells me how could you possibly sit in two chairs with just one a$$? I guess I always have the need to try though!

But of course I said yes.

In case you don’t know what the Outdoor Retailer is….

Outdoor Retailer is where orders are written, new accounts are found, connections are made and brands are launched. Outdoor Retailer has proven to be the leading growth vehicle for brands that are interested in progressing and advancing into multiple channels of the outdoor marketplace. From small shops and regional chains, to the largest national and international retailers – Outdoor Retailer attracts thousands of buyers and senior level decision makers that are looking for outdoor specific products, services, brands, fresh ideas, apparel launches, and outdoor innovation.

There’s interesting new products I really want to take a look at, and lots and lots of brands I want to check out! Get ready for some major gear gossip! (When I get around to have a minute to post!)
Anyway, I am going, with VIVOBAREFOOT. I will be their biomechanics expert at hand, doing sessions, explaining the science and maybe coaching some people too. Hopefully I’ll get time for a little run here and there (RunnersWorld will be there and I just got invited to their runs!), and eat and sleep too! Cause I know I will none of that in the next ten days!

Exciting News: my first trip as a Biomechanics Coach!! Heading down to Salt Lake City, for Outdoor Retailer next week!!!

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