yes, yes, that’s my picture in this month’s Runner’s World magazine

I have been such a busy mess that I have every RW magazine in a pile since December. I haven’t finished one book since last year, not even during trips to Argentina and Hawaii. Three months ago, I gave up on touring them around. I guess if I can sit down, I can sleep, and all else has to wait.

But a few people mentioned my picture was in this month’s RW; I assumed they were confused. laurenefries mentioned it again on Sunday, when I was home for a chance, and took it out of the pile. This month.. here… this one?

that is of course, Kara, and not me. Ok,  THERE it was. page 58.

It’s a screenshot from this post. I love these pictures from steering an the USA11, an amazing America’s Cup sailboat.

I am not sure I am good at most of the stuff they talk about, but it’s interesting. Blogging is great in so many ways… Maybe I don’t do it to push myself, maybe I do put too many pictures, but it does help keep track of stoopid things I do so I don’t repeat them (too many times, create communities, get other POVs and learn a lot. Definitely to learn.

yes, yes, that’s my picture in this month’s Runner’s World magazine

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