My new favorite recovery drink (think nutella…)

I’ve tried it all. And I usually stuck to solids post workouts, nothing out of the ordinary, a banana, or toast with PB and nutella or dulce the leche, or oatmeal with chocolate and PB, or powebars or the occasional chocolate protein powder. Or whatever I had in the apartment, which is usually not much.

Then somehow this…

found it’s way into my hands… mixed with my chocolate protein…

It’s too good.

Of course I have no clue about the nutrition and the label, haven’t looked, might be great for me, might not. But I love it. It tastes great. It makes me want to run every day. And I’ve always been a 4-days-a-week girl! Hope you get to try it! 
PS: I also have no clue about protein powder so I don’t even know if that one is good or not, it’s all a mystery to me… as long as it tastes good, I am ok with it!

My new favorite recovery drink (think nutella…)

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