NYRR Back to Football 4 Miler: Football??? It’s Futbol!!

After last weeks amazing 5K, I decided I could do another one soon, like this week. There was a great 5K on Wednesday but I had plans… and I had (amazing) dinner plans for Thursday too but Wednesday afternoon… I decided I wanted to race again, and found this Back to Futbol 4 miler in Central Park. I signed up and figured I’d juggle a bit!

Had my coffee and then just run to the start. For some reason, I had gotten a blue bib, which is the first corral. Eeeeeek. So I was all the way in the back of the corral, actually almost in the next one, but race officials moved me and this other girl up. Apparently there were NO women upfront. We both had the same reaction, freaked out PLEASE NOs. But he pushed us forward a few times! We did our best go back as much as we could, but I just didn’t want to get run over by 5 and 6 minute mile people!!!! Or get passed by half the field! Then, while I am there, I am being interviewed by Telemundo for a bit, I was so distracted… I forgot to turn my watch on when we went! Oh, crap!
The good thing is, because it was a weeknight race, it wasn’t as crowded (and sold out!) as regular NYRR races. So after around half a mile we had space to run and maneuver, that usually takes a mile, or 2, or 4!!! I kept seeing friends in the course and we all shouted (in a 4 miler!??!), by around mile 2, my friend Andrea passes me and I shout at her. Then I see her stop to get water… I was confused, she’d NEVER stop! We played a bit of a game of catch up and chase, as she kept stopping; I was a bit worried but she was able to finish ok. My splits? I have no idea as I didn’t really start the watch until I was almost a mile in, but because I was upfront the race course was pretty matchy with mine, I am guessing: 
Mile 1: 7:08
Mile 2: 7:02
Mile 3: 7:39
Mile 4: 7:06
The last .3 was run in 5:57 pace average so I am happy because I know I had enough to sprint at the end!!!

Stats time!!!
Finish time: 29:06. Average Pace: 7:17
Previous PR: 28.09. From: September 2009. 
Age Grading: 67.26%
Overall Place: 332 of 3442
Gender Place: 38 of 1758
Age Place: 4 of 243

Overall, I was expecting faster times given I did the 5K last week in 6:48 pace. Maybe 7? Nope. Then I noticed it was 80 degrees and super humid so I am chucking it to that. Or to the 9 miles I did the day before!
Getting a single digit age place in these NYRR races is usually enough reason to celebrate though. And the first 5 women in my team (I was on third) get a medal as we placed we second overall! YEY for hardware!

But, the best part happened after the race! 
– I run 9 more miles after the race. And it was fine. I am usually dead after short races. I run, and I felt strong! I could have run forever!
– Running at night in Central Park is just magical. There is really nothing nothing like it. I wish people weren’t afraid. I run in the trails in complete dark, by the water, up a castle, watched a bit of Shakespeare in the park, did a few loops around my favorite spots, and marveled at the brightest and most amazing skyline in the world from the quietiest spots a runner could only dream of. All in the middle of nyc. I really could have run forever!
– I then noticed time kept ticking by and I had to be ready for dinner soon, or I would be super super late. I really could have run forever!Had a celebratory (huge reason to celebrate!!!!) Shake Shack (does SS count as dinner?) fest with the best company a girl could wish for! No time for stretching or anything but I love when the race is the smallest part of the whole day! So, overall, I’ll count is as a WIN.

NYRR Back to Football 4 Miler: Football??? It’s Futbol!!

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