You can always stuff more things in your bra




You wonder … well some of my cute running shorts don’t have pockets. I used to sew extra pockets on my shorts, on earlier times, when I actually had time. Or needed to. Now I just stuff everything on my bra: gels, water bottles, of course the heart rate monitor… whatever.

Yes, it’s kinda gross cause it gets really sweaty there, but everything gets sweaty anyway! Why the bra? well, compression, nothing in there moves! And hello, easy access!

So, if you haven’t done it, try it. If you have, lmk what you put in there. And if you see me out there looking weirdly bumpy, I swear I have stuff in there! If you’re a boy, and want to try it, good for you! NO Judgement!

You can always stuff more things in your bra

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