Teamwork, and these happen

I had to swing by NYRR to see a friend and remembered to pick one of these babies up from last week’s race:

It was the third one this year. I tried to remember when was the last time I got one of these…. ??? ….

I checked the other ones I got this year, and noticed something funny. They’re all for the same distance!!!

NYRR tallies up the times of the running teams, up to their first 5 people for each team/gender, and they rank the top three teams. So, this was not my making really, but just a joint effort of the team’s women. It’s not to shabby to be able to get in the top5 a few times…

Apparently, 4 milers might be my thing. ?? Oh-kaaaay. And I haven’t even PRed this year in these yet.. Pffft.

Okay, go back to your little siblings!

Yes, that’s my door, and it’s OK if my neihbors hate me. Let them complain.

Teamwork, and these happen

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