Another one bites the dust!

Another in-between-marathons week is gone. They’re just flying by! Lots happening, all great. 
Great… and super busy, the short list:

– The running is ok. I think. I am obviously STILL recovering from the mary but I managed a 9 mile run on Thursday and 13 on Sunday. I did 13 of just hills. Prep for Berlin was all flat so I am now trying to compensate. I obviously feel tired, drained, slow and heavy. I don’t like the week after a marathon. But I had 3 runs this week and they were all ridiculously amazing. They all made me so so so happy, I was almost delirousl all week, even if I sounded like I was dying whle I coughed up my lungs out!

– As I was a bit sick for a week, I run less, I spent time doing other amazing things. It included a lot of celebrating and eating, among other crazy things. I put the weight back on! YEY. I was looking too slanky and not even the tights were staying put. And.. sitting down hurt.

– LOTS of work.
  — As I was away for a week, I had to catch up on the biomechanics coaching this past week. Loads of hours of videoing runners. Always fun. 
  — Work at TNT is the same, working towards Bermuda and Miami, which I am looking forward to now, with the menacing cold weather popping up.
  — I am working as a Social Media Consultant for a running brand. Huge running brand you do know. FUN STUFF. Will share soon.
  — Mmmm. JUST got offered the most amazing opportunity ever. Will share soon too and, trust me, you’ll flip. I am over the moon. Gimme 2 days.

– On the other hand, I am TIRED. Tired, tired. I know I shouldn’t complain because it’s all great stuff. But it’s really a lot because I still spend lots of time with the people I love and all that other fun stuff. I just got back from Berlin and I am looking forward to my next escapade. I know I should be resting, or sleeping, but who has time?

– I had the wild thought of running the Knickerbocker 60K again this year, 2 weeks after the marathon. I really wanted to. I am signed up to attend a course, another coaching certification that whole weekend so it won’t happen. Both are quite exciting. I need a clone.

– The marathon is around the corner. It’s my FIFTH in a row and I am SO excited. It’s strange because I didn’t train thinking about it, and I already got my Fall marathon done, but this my event, I could do it in my sleep at this point, and I can’t wait for race week. ANY LONGER. SO many people I get to see that week… it’s non-stop craziness fun. And with the extra fun stuff I have coming up, it will be epic. EPIC. Even more epic than last years Footlocker Five Boro Challenge.

No need for caffeine here!

Another one bites the dust!

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