if there is a choice, PRIMAL is better.

I have a friend that says often enough that is there was a nuclear attack, I’ll be the only thing left along with the cockroaches. That does not seem fun but thanks? I guess…? 
I heard that enough times that I had to give it a thought.

I do like that I tend to need less things every day (not common anywhere, less so for a newyorker).

I believe in minimalism in every aspect. It works for me. Less IS more. You live with what you have around, and the less you have, the better. I think my only talent is that I have a really good survival instinct; it dictates all my decisions and it helps uncomplicate life and shed the unnecessary. I am not even talking “natural” or “minimalist”, follow your primal instincts!

You all know my heart attack story. I went the way no pills and surgery, thank you, I’ll do my running thing and we’ll see. I had no idea what I was doing but thanks, survival instinct! My decisions seem crazy sometimes, but it’s all about going back to basics and/or moving forward.
It works, we keep at it; it doesn’t work, we move away. Simple. There is really not much more. In a way, it is survival of the fittest. The simpler the better.

I eat what I have around, or what my body tells me to, whatever that means, why overly-complicate things? I would really survive on anything because my body has adjusted to anything I throw at it. It’s evolved into a “this is what we do now” machine and has learned to roll with the punches. This applies to food, running, work, relationships, running shoes, you name it! 
You see some serious elite runners racing with no gps, or train without fueling. It CAN be done, but can we? The more I ask of my body (whether that’s something good or bad), the better it responds. The faster it adapts. The higher the evolution.

Listen to your primal needs, follow your survival inst instinct, shed the complications, your body will toughen up and there will be less stress. One of most basic things I learned is that a happy runner is always a better runner.

if there is a choice, PRIMAL is better.

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