When you’re on vacation, all bets are off

Or at least I like it that way. I run because I want to, not because I have to. I would never do that on vacation. It’s vacations for Pre’s sake!! 

But, the fun part is, I RUN MORE! I usually run an average 4 days a week. I’ve been here for a week and run every day. That’s seven in a row. I’d never do that if I planned it!

And, though I have been able to keep the running up (way up!) even running a lot more than usual because the weather is nice and I feel bad because I am eating a lot, the rest of the stuff isnot getting done. At all. I haven’t done any drills. I have not stretched. I haven’t even tracked my mileage so I have no idea how much I am doing. I hadn’t blogged til yesterday. I haven’t even signed up to the race I would like to do on Monday. There’s no routine, no organization: vacation. But I am eating, running, resting, having fun: good enough for me.

When you’re on vacation, all bets are off

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