Anatomy for Runners

Just because some of you asked for more on form in my last post, about my 2012 best practices, I figured I’d share!

I just finished reading Anatomy for Runners by Jay Dicharry; there is an excerpt here, and check out the table of contents:

I am not sure about you, but Physics and Physiology can be a bit dry…  I have read a LOT of Running Biomechanics in the last two years and I got used to it but I am aware that it is heavy stuff. And if you don’t have a very solid Physics base to pile on, you can get really lost. Physiology? Yuk. I’ve always hated it. But we all know it’s worth learning about it!
And text about that stuff is usually either superspecific, heavy and unreadable OR very light and not enough information… Somehow, this book does a great job of making itreally accessible. But, besides that, what I really like is that it is, not only very specific, but also catered to runners and not just biomechanics that you need to adjust in your head. It’s like he’s talking to every runner, and already telling me what I am thinking about asking next. There is also a few examples in there, tests, that you can do to see where your weaknesses are.
Or really great pictures of drills to do….  There are SO many charts, that make it all so easy, just a few examples:
No worries if something in those images confuses you, EVERYTHING in the book is really well explained, that’s just how through and deep it is! If you want to learn about what your runner’s body does and how, you might want to consider putting this one on your Christmas list…

Anatomy for Runners

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