Where I’ve been running around here – Parque Leloir

Three years ago they created an amazing running path in a neighborhood close to ours. It is like a mile away but the walk/run there is not so bad. I take the path I used to take to go to my elementary school…

It’s usually quite this quiet. This used to be my school (closed for the summer now):

This boro/barrio is Barrio Aeronautico. It was set up for people who worked in the airlines back in the 60s, and is now ecologically protected. Because of the history (theme?) of the area, you find stuff like this:

Below you can see my dad* walking, and it’s common to see dogs doing their thing and the same with people…

Soon we arrive to Parque Leloir, a little neighborhood with amazing houses (google pics here), lots of trees and shaded dirt streets, where they set up the 3.5K “track”

This is how you know where to go running/walking so you’ll do a full loop and not get lost…

The place is gorgeous, and because it’s dirt roads, there’s not a lot of traffic or noise, or distractions.

You have to see the houses in there…


I will buy this next one, you can all have the rest.

I might have to get a place here, right? They all have swimming pools and barbecue pits! And the streets are great for running… see?

And you gotta feel safe with houses like these… I thought la policia was coming after me for taking all these pictures of the houses…! 

There’s lots of little corner plazas where people hang out or exercise.

Soon enough, it’s over. 

It’s perfect, right? It’s a bit short so I usually have to do a bunch of loops but I am glad I have this close because I have been eating non-stop. It’s pretty disgusting.

Where I’ve been running around here – Parque Leloir

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