GiveAway!!! Have you seen these MilestonePods that track your mileage?

I found a neat new gadget that could be pretty useful: the MilestonePod. It tracks your mileage so you know when to change your shoes. Some of us are a bit… ehem, type-A, and use megaspreasheets to track miles on shoes or something else but this thing could make life very easy for people who don’t do that (you know who you are!!) or a nice inexpensive gift for any new runner, walker or triathlete.
You just keep it on your shoe and constantly tracks mileage. That’s all. And you’ll be able to know when it’s time to replace them. And, there is a little storage on the device so you can also load health or emergency information which will be with you at all times.
The MilestonePods are in production and ready to ship soon. More information here.
So, who wants one? They gave me five to give away!
Here is three different ways to participate in the giveaway. Feel free to doall three, and share it too!
– Post a comment below, telling me why you’d like one, or why you think it’s a great idea.
– Tweet this: Cool new device from Milestone  Makes tracking mileage on your shoes almost too easy @milestonepod and then post your tweeter username below in a comment telling me you tweeted. That would count as a second entry.
– Like the Milestone Facebook page and then Share the Page on your Status, and post a comment below that you did so (and name on FB), that could be a third entry!!
Share the love! Post this link in your twitter and facebook so other people can participate too, don’t be greedy! PS: disclaimer, as they are still in production, these will not ship until May and they’re only shipping within the US. You have until Tuesday to post/share/participate and we’ll pick the 5 winners then! Good luck!!!!

GiveAway!!! Have you seen these MilestonePods that track your mileage?

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